• 2009

    His methods are based on intuition and foresight.

    We met him in 1978 during one of his performances. Tofig found a volunteer and asked him to hide the box of matches. At the same time, he left the hall, and when he returned, he tried to find the hidden, guided by the mental commands of the volunteer. Explained. How to give orders: "Dadashev, to the right!", "Dadashev, to the left!" However, they did not succeed. Tofig was nervous, complaining that the commands were not clear. Finally he could not resist and turned to the audience: "Who can help me?" I, who was sitting in the front row, quickly jumped out onto the stage. I didn’t give mental orders, but simply imagined a matchbox on the keys (after all, it was hidden under the lid of the piano). Tofig confidently walked towards the instrument and, amid applause, took the object he was looking for from under the lid of the piano.

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    Criticism about me

    In the magazine "Secrets and Crime" No. 5/2008 - an appendix to the magazine "Miracles and Adventures", an article by Nikolai Kitaev "EXTRASENSION AGAINST TERRORISTS" was published. After reading this article, I was extremely surprised and outraged by the unreliability and distortion of information about Tofig Dadashev's participation in this operation, and therefore I ask you to publish my letter. The truth about the participation of T. Dadashev in the operation to free the hostages of the plane captured in March 1989 in Baku

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    There will be no end of the world

    “There will be no end of the world” – asserts the famous medium Recently, 39-year-old Frenchwoman Elvira gave birth to a healthy first child after years of infertility. Arthur became the 150th baby, owing his birth to the unique gift of Tofig Dadashev. Baby on demand When Elvira and her husband walked around the most […]

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    “Tell me, magician …”

    Tofik Dadashev's psychological experiments were first spoken about 40 years ago, in 1969, when he began to perform with their public demonstration. And four years later, at the 1st World Congress on Psychotronics in Prague, the experiment conducted by Dadashev made a real sensation. The leading scientists who participated in the work of the congress unanimously called Dadashev the strongest medium in the world - they were so impressed by his phenomenal ability to accurately guess other people's thoughts. Time has confirmed the correctness of authoritative experts. After parting with the stage, which limited the scope of his interests and opportunities, Dadashev repeatedly showed his amazing gift in the most original, sometimes emergency situations. He helped Garry Kasparov save the match that seemed to have been lost to Anatoly Karpov, received a government award for taking part in the operation to neutralize the terrorist who hijacked the plane at the Baku airport, presented the Louvre with a psychological portrait of Mona Lisa that amazed all specialists ... Today Tofik DADASHEV answers the questions of the Tribune ".

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    Mystery: The phenomenon of telepathy

    The phenomenon of telepathy, that is, the transmission of thoughts and images at a distance without participation sense organs or any technical means, I have been studying for a long time. For this time has accumulated a voluminous dossier of fairly reliable examples of such extrasensory perception. Moreover, they appear in it as examples specifically organized experiments and cases of spontaneous telepathy in ordinary people, not distinguished by any extrasensory abilities.

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  • 2008

    Branch Kosovo

    In this situation, I do not accept the position of either side, since I have my own understanding of the world ... In the statements of many politicians one can hear anxiety, and some even go hysterical, believing that this is a blow to Russia, threatening the collapse of the country. I want to reassure you, our political situation is stable, and nothing like this will happen in the near future. Of course, blackmail and pressure on those states that have a problem, as in the former Yugoslavia, will increase.

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  • 2007

    Seen through the ages

    Tofik Dadashev's psychological experiments were first discussed in 1968, when he began to publicly demonstrate them. And four years later, at the First World Congress on Psychotronics in Prague, the famous American scientist, author of the famous lie detector Cleve Baxter called Dadashev the strongest medium in the world, meaning his phenomenal ability to accurately guess other people's thoughts. Almost forty years have passed since then. Dadashev long ago parted with the stage, which limited the scope of his interests and opportunities, but he did not lose popularity and fame. The name of the parapsychologist Tofig Dadashev is constantly appearing in the press in connection with the most exceptional and sometimes emergency situations. He helps Garry Kasparov to save the match, seemingly already lost to Anatoly Karpov; receives a government award for participation, at the request of the state security authorities, in an operation to neutralize a terrorist who hijacked a plane at a Baku airport; gives the Louvre a psychological portrait of La Gioconda that amazed all specialists with the power of insight ...

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    Tofik Dadashev`s Center “PSI-EKS”

    In the world practice of sports management, there are many examples of unsuccessful conclusion of contracts with coaches and athletes for large sums. In such cases, both sides suffer: a sports organization that spent a lot of money, and also a coach or athlete who turned out to be unclaimed, which often affects their future fate. Dadashev can help reduce the likelihood of mistakes in such transactions and suggest which tactics to choose with a particular personality in order to achieve maximum results.

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    Sibyl of the postmodern era

    “The in-house soothsayer helps to make a decision in forecasting the situation" 50 to 50 " Not so long ago I had a chance to speak with a scientist attending a conference on fashion theory. “I'm in the business of making predictions,” she introduced herself. In the conversation, it turned out that the lady works in the so-called "style bureau" - a special company that predicts fashion trends. The staff of the style bureau take to the busy streets and film the city crowd, and then rewind the tape in an accelerated rhythm, so that a blurry picture comes out, which, however, contains a certain general tone, the collective vibrations of the metropolis. From the flickering of colors and lines, they highlight the dominant colors and shapes, after which they figure out what is the main range now, from which people will clearly get tired, and what may be successful next season. These forecasts are then presented in the form of a solid trend book — an album with descriptions and pictures of images of the future. Such publications are readily bought up by influential corporations, despite their high cost - 1,400 euros per volume.

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    Male conversation

    Anatoly KARPOV: “Playing with me in the" throw-in ", Zhirinovsky began to cheat - he took an ace out of his sleeve and was caught by the hand. “That’s why,” he said, “and the game of 'the fool': if he didn’t see, then he was a fool, and when he saw, he was smart” (Ending. Beginning at # 27) “I said to Yakovlev:“ Do you love Kasparov? Good health, build him a golden palace, but why are you poisoning me? "

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    Let me express my gratitude to you!

    Let me express my gratitude to you that you are interested in my site. Please pay attention: everything that is written about me is confirmed by people and events. After reading publications about me, you will notice that my work is multifaceted and covers not only the events of our time, but is related to the riddles that have worried people for many centuries. You have the opportunity to read about my vision of the life and personality of Mona Lisa (La Gioconda). Once my close friend Stanislav Sergeev, a connoisseur and connoisseur of painting, turned to me. Knowing my ability to "see" a person, he had an idea for me to confirm whether the portrait actually depicts Mona Lisa and to unravel the mystery of her smile.

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  • 2006

    Magician in two moves

    1958, Brazilian national team (soccer). At the World Championships in Sweden, two doctors were included in the team's headquarters: Carvalles and Gosling. It was they who, as many believe, managed to tame the excessive temperament of their pupils and direct it to more useful things than clashes with referees and fights with opponents. As a result, the first champion title. 1978, Karpov - Korina (chess). The match in Manila became a real duel of psychologists. The famous doctor Zukhar worked with Karpov. According to Korchnoi, this man sat in the same seat in the front row and hypnotized him. With the score 5: 2 in favor of Karpov, two parapsychologists arrived from America, who set themselves the goal of neutralizing Zukhar. However, when the score was equal, the Soviet delegation succeeded in expelling the Americans from the Philippines. Already in the next game, Karpov managed to win a decisive victory.

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    Оur guest is Tofik Hasanovich Dadashev

    - Tofik Hasanovich, who is a parapsychologist? - A parapsychologist is a person who deals with psychology. As I understand it, this is unconventional, if you like, abnormal, i.e. paranormal psychology. - In our country, this concept is, in our opinion, not very well known and understandable. There are psychics, there are Globa and others. What or who can you call yourself, what is the difference? - Abroad they call me a medium. The medium is such an ancient name that can be translated as a fortuneteller, an astrologer. A parapsychologist is more of a scientist who studies various phenomena. I tried to read literature on this subject, but it is not interesting to me. I believe that prediction theory is written by people who do not have such abilities.

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  • 2004

    Secret knowledge: the phenomenon of telepathy

    The phenomenon of telepathy, that is, the transmission of thoughts and images at a distance without the participation of the senses or any technical means, I have been studying for a long time. During this time, a voluminous dossier of fairly reliable examples of such extrasensory perception has accumulated. Moreover, it includes both examples of specially organized experiments and cases of spontaneous telepathy in ordinary people who do not differ in any extrasensory abilities.

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  • 2003

    State Duma elections: forecasts of the soothsayer Tofig Dadashev

    Interview given to RIA journalist Valery Alexandrov on October 02, 2003. But since the law on the press prohibited any propaganda, the Globus agency released information on November 13, 2003. The political forecasts of the famous Russian parapsychologist and soothsayer Tofig Dadashev have long been taken seriously both in our country and abroad, for they, as a rule, turn out to be correct. Dadashev is not an analyst, not a political scientist, in his forecasts he is guided not by a well-ordered logic of reasoning, but by a special flair, an intuitive vision of the future, which helps him to "look" ahead, to predict the fate of people.

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    Ladies invite cavaliers … to the future

    Sensation ... This phenomenon, as you know, is equally tempting both for the press, seeing a tidbit in it, and for the reader in a hurry to taste it first. It has always been that way. However, today the emphasis has shifted somewhat - freedom of speech has noticeably cooled the reader's interest in "fried facts", but ... The sensation, which will be discussed below, or rather, one of them, at one time went through all the millstones of the censorship of the Soviet and foreign press and once again forced many scientists-specialists to scratch their heads, and no wonder, because the mystery of centuries was finally solved - the secret of the smile of the famous Mona Lisa, the "code" that the bright minds of the whole world could not decipher.

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  • 2002

    Fastidious horse

    Tofik Dadashev became famous back in Soviet times. Those who are over ... may recall publications about him in the very popular magazine "Yunost" or his telepathic session in a television studio. A woman from the audience in front of the audience chose one of the spectators for the experience. Dadashev was at that time in another room and could not see and hear what was happening in the studio. When he appeared in the hall in a special black cap on his head, the presenter began to mentally give him commands, directing him to the chosen person. Moreover, the commands could be in any language - and the host gave them in English. Quite quickly, Tofik Dadashev found the man the woman had planned and took his hand ... Today, 54-year-old Dadashev does not give sessions, although many persuade him to resume performances. Apparently, he is not a selfish person, and he does not want to return to the past. How he would not like to do today what he once did together with Garry Kasparov.

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    What should I call you now?

    Do you like your name? A strange question, say? Alas, there are many people for whom their own name has become the source of almost life's drama. In any case, according to the well-known parapsychologist from Baku Tofik Dadashev, there are much more of them than one might think. If you're fatally unlucky, it might be time to change your name. Recently, those whose mental discomfort is caused by virtual, so to speak, problems are increasingly turning to the Dadashev center for help. Some are prevented from living normally by someone sent damage, others by a zodiacal sign, and by others, as it turns out, by their own name. Tofik Dadashev believes that the fears that people have on this or that occasion are not always groundless. And if we talk about personal names, then their discrepancy with the personality of a particular person can really become the source of many troubles.

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  • 2001

    Thought blow

    Nowadays, scientists have indisputably confirmed what yesterday's science categorically denied for a long time. Namely, the possibility of telepathy, that is, the transmission and reception of thoughts from one person - the inductor - to another - the perceptor - without the participation of the senses. However, the mechanism of this phenomenon is still a mystery. They often confuse, or even combine telepathy and far-sightedness, or, as it was previously called, clairvoyance. Since both of these phenomena do not fit into the usual ideas about the physical world around us, many believe that the gift of telepathy and far-sightedness is sent from above, and to very rare people. As far as vision is concerned, this is indeed a very rare occurrence. But almost every person possesses telepathic abilities and, more importantly, uses them in everyday life, but does not pay attention to it.

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    Osama bin Laden will surely be destroyed

    According to the soothsayer Tofig Dadashev, Osama bin Laden will be destroyed "Osama bin Laden will certainly be destroyed," said the well-known Russian soothsayer Tofik Dadashev. In an interview with a RIA Novosti correspondent, he said that the prestige of the United States and personally of President Bush is at stake, who will do everything possible to ensure that “terrorist number one” befalls "terrorist number one" as he had promised retribution. Moreover, according to Dadashev, the Americans do not need bin Laden alive - "he knows too much."

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    All astrologers are behind the times

    Today, many of us with bated breath open a newspaper or magazine to the page with a horoscope to find out how high Aries will advance this week or what troubles in a love relationship await Scorpio. Someone believes in this, someone simply follows fashion, but even many children know their sign and the time of its action: all kinds of pendants and souvenirs with their image are given to them by their parents.

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    Tired of being a fish – become a cancer

    The famous parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev has a fantastic effect on the change of the zodiac sign. Recently, having met an acquaintance, I confess that I did not immediately recognize her. Prettier, full of life and energy, she hardly resembled herself half a year ago. Not a trace remained of the woman crushed by worries. “Yes, yes, I'm completely different now,” she boasted ahead of my question. "Everything in my life has changed because I changed my zodiac sign: I was Cancer, I became Aries."

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  • 2000

    21st century – information age

    A person in the 21st century will have three main problems: The most global problem is informational. If in the 20th century nuclear weapons were the most global problem, in the 21st century it was an information weapon. In the first half of the XXI century, the uncontrolled increase in the flow of information that suppresses a person will continue. A person will be powerless, he will not be able to process it. The abundance of information will make him stupid.

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    Tofik Dadashev: “A difficult year awaits us.”

    People who call themselves predictors and psychics have a very definite opinion among the people. Why? Because the main thing is rarely behind the mysterious and promising "headlines". One of the few exceptions to this sad rule is Tofik Dadashev, a well-known parapsychologist, clairvoyant and soothsayer, head of the "PSI-EX" center. He is modest, does not engage in self-promotion, does not decorate his work with tinsel and various shamanic spells. Moreover, his predictions usually come true, and psychological assistance is very effective. So much so that the activities of T. Dadashev have already managed to acquire legends, which, however, do not obscure the true core of his amazing nature - philanthropy and humanity.

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    Israel in the 21st century

    "Israel in the twenty-first century: a small but great state" - Tofik Hasanovich, when did you find out about your unusual abilities? - About fourteen or fifteen years old. I remember that in the seventh grade, in the class of Russian literature, I suddenly wanted the teacher to go astray. I looked at her and mentally persuaded: "Get off, get off, get confused!" She began to stutter, become confused and confused. In 1966, when I was nineteen years old, I was passing through Moscow and read in the evening that people with parapsychological abilities were invited for testing at the Popov Institute. There I guessed twelve of the twelve cards suggested to me. On the thirteenth, I was confused, tired ... A year later, I spoke in Moscow before the leadership of the KGB.

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  • 1999

    “There will be less romance, more – pragmatism”

    By tradition, on New Year’s Eve, the well-known soothsayer and great friend of our newspaper Tofik Dadashev introduces Trud readers with his forecasts for the future. What awaits Russia in the coming 1999? What changes in life will he bring to its citizens, including the numerous readers of our newspaper? What can they hope for […]

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    What does the coming year have in store for them?

    Tofik Dadashev is a famous Russian parapsychologist and diviner. Back in 1973, at the First World Congress on Psychotronics in Prague, the famous American scientist, inventor of the "lie detector" Clif Baxter called Dadashev the strongest medium in the world, meaning his phenomenal ability to penetrate someone else's thought, to guess it accurately. Last year, Dadashev predicted the resignation of Viktor Chernomyrdin and Helmut Kohl, and trouble for Bill Clinton. What will the coming year be like for Russia? The RIA Novosti correspondent addressed this question to Tofik Dadashev, and he willingly shared his forecasts. First of all, Dadashev named the most promising politicians in Russia in 1999. He arranged them in this order - Primakov, Seleznev, Luzhkov, Maslyukov, Lebed, Yavlinsky, Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov.

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    Secret knowledge

    T. Dadashev most brilliantly showed the ability to telepathy - and it is safe to say that in this area he knew no equal, surpassing Messing himself. So, for example, he could literally reproduce a phrase mentally pronounced by the viewer in an unfamiliar foreign language! There is information that with this ability Dadashev attracted the attention of intelligence agencies and used it during diplomatic receptions and in a number of other cases. At present he lives in Baku, runs the "Psi-Ex" center he created. As it became known, preparations are under way to open a similar center in Moscow.

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    About elections in Russia

    In December 1999, this material was sent to the Trud and Rabochaya Tribuna newspapers, but was not published. Political scientists and politicians speak about the election results, evaluating these results as a skillfully orchestrated victory of pro-government parties and blocs that had little-known politicians in their ranks and did not have a clear program of their own. They believe that they managed to attract or confuse the heads of "naive" Russians, but this is far from the case, says parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev.

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  • 1998

    XXI century is delayed

    All changes will begin mainly in 2010. In the first half of the 21st century, Europe will become a “socialist continent”. It is there that the most progressive socialist ideas will be born. Germany will become the leader and catalyst of these processes. Until 2050-2060, all nuclear arsenals on the planet will be destroyed or mothballed. Russia's energy will be wasted on political and economic battles with the CIS countries. However, these battles will not lead to military conflicts or clashes.

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    Tofik Dadashev: “The planet will be overwhelmed by epidemics of diseases.”

    “The 21st century is delayed. All changes, in general, will begin in 2010, ”the famous parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev said in an interview with Turan. In his opinion, in the first half of the 21st century, Europe will become a "socialist continent." It is there that the most advanced social ideas will be born. Germany will become the leader and catalyst of these processes. Speaking about armaments, he noted that until 2050-2060. all nuclear arsenals on the planet will either be mothballed or destroyed.

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    Russian woman

    Russian woman will always be the most attractive in the world What brings a man and a woman closer? Recently, a number of foreign researchers have put forward a version that the main reason for attraction is a certain blood group or, in the opinion of others, an individual human smell. The soothsayer Tofik Dadashev does not agree with these assumptions, he believes that both the blood type and the smell are important, but not decisive. In his opinion, the most important thing is language.

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    Did you order luck?

    It began with the fact that 23-year-old Akhmed Mammadov was kidnapped in the center of Baku in broad daylight. It happened in front of a dozen witnesses - right in the teahouse, where he was waiting for his car to be debugged in the nearest workshop. 20 days later, on April 22, 1998, late in the evening, Akhmed's parents found him in the place indicated by the bandits: exhausted, emaciated, but alive.

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    Tofik Dadashev: “The future belongs to socialism.”

    Tofig Dadashev's psychological experiments were first discussed in 1969, when he began to speak with their primary demonstration. And already four years later, at the I World Congress on Psychotronics in Prague, the famous American scientist, author of the famous lie detector Clif Baxter called Dadashev the strongest medium in the world, meaning his phenomenal ability to penetrate someone else's thought, to guess it accurately. A quarter of a century has passed since then. Dadashev long ago parted with the stage that limited the scope of his interests and opportunities, but he did not lose popularity and fame.

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  • 1997

    The person who knows everything about us

    The famous parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev is visiting the "Working Tribune". This man's track record includes official commendations received from the heads of government and KGB generals. He identified foreign intelligence agents, neutralized terrorists, influenced the outcome of chess matches, engaged in political prophecies, and also solved the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa. Readers have already guessed that we are talking about the world famous parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev. Today he is a guest of our newspaper.

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    Other names will rise

    According to the famous parapsychologist Tofig Dadashev, in 1998 Russia will see a change of leaders both on the right and on the left due to their loss of a sense of reality. This will be the year of the rise of patriotism, self-awareness and responsibility of Russians. Several high-profile crimes will be solved. Luck will smile at such politicians as Yuri Luzhkov and Gennady Seleznev.

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  • 1996

    Broken vow

    Well-known parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev helped to reveal the secret of the missing service weapon and remove suspicion from the innocent. There are many appeals to a well-known seer with a request to assist in the investigation of a particular crime. However, for almost seven years now, he has categorically refused to participate in such cases. Let me remind you: in March 1989, a plane hijacked by a terrorist who demanded refueling for a flight abroad and a large sum of money landed at the Baku Bina airport. Then Dadashev managed to determine at a glance: the plane threatening to blow up was armed not with a bomb, but ... with an alarm clock. After that, it was a matter of technology to neutralize him. But since then, Dadashev himself has made a vow never to get involved in crime stories again, to use his gift exclusively for the benefit of people. And although the identification of a dangerous criminal is also a blessing, it is impossible to convince him. But this is a special case.

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    Hope is for a woman

    In troubled times, in times of great changes in the destinies of peoples, a keen interest in higher powers flares up. So that they bring peace to troubled souls, helped to understand the world shaken by cataclysms, taught how to meet unexpected surprises in life. And then people endowed with unusual abilities - magicians - enter the scene. One of them is Tofik Dadashev, a renowned international parapsychologist-diviner. For almost 30 years he has lived in Moscow and at the same time runs the Psi-Ex parapsychological center in Baku. Desperate people who have lost all hope come to him, and Dadashev returns them faith in life. And in extreme situations, he dictates his will. This was the case, for example, several years ago, when, together with the Alpha detachment, he participated in the neutralization of a terrorist who hijacked a plane with passengers at the Bina airport.

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    Mona Lisa was … pregnant

    Tofik Dadashev saw it at first glance at the picture Miracles do not contradict nature, they only contradict the nature we know. Blessed Augustine Talking to Tofig Dadashev is scary at first. The feeling is as if you are sitting in front of an X-ray machine. His gaze seems to penetrate where the heart beats, the blood vessels pulsate, the lungs breathe, and further into the soul, which each of us has darkness. Realizing this makes me somehow uneasy. Tofig Hasanovich's friendly smile restores mental balance, and the fragrant tea brewed by her assistant Nina Vasilievna Karataeva finally relieves the slight stress that arose from meeting the first medium of the planet.

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    Medium Dadashev no longer works for the special services

    I was almost late for an interview with the famous parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev. I slept! But admitting a mistake was embarrassing, and, I said something about business. Dadashev carefully looked into my eyes, and it became clear that it was better for this man not to lie ... - Tofig Hasanovich, the terrorist who tried to hijack the plane from Baku, did you also “show through”? Why were you sure he didn't have an explosive device? - This case was written in the domestic and foreign press, but there are details that are still unknown to anyone. - So, March 31, 1989 ...

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  • 1995

    Listyev was killed by jealousy and envy

    The well-known soothsayer Tofik Dadashev refutes the version of the murder of Vladislav Listyev for political or financial reasons. He stated that, in his opinion, the reasons for the murder are jealousy, envy, revenge. Dadashev, whose advice more than once helped many leaders of the allied and Russian special services to make the right decisions, and the famous "Alpha" - to successfully carry out an operation to neutralize the terrorist who hijacked the plane, could also help in solving Listyev's murder. And although he had never taken up such criminal cases before, in this case he agrees to make an exception. The soothsayer is sure that the customer of the murder can be found - "he is somewhere nearby."

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  • 1994

    You can’t scare telepathists with an alarm clock

    Seer and healer Tofik Dadashev promises to reveal the secret of rejuvenation There is no need to introduce Tofig Dadashev: a telepath, parapsychologist, seer, healer, for almost 30 years he has continued to amaze people with his unique abilities. But he lives in solitude, does not flicker on the TV screen, for the most part avoids journalists. Therefore, we gladly took the opportunity to conduct this conversation. - Tofik Hasanovich, as far as I know, you refuse any public speaking, including parapsychological sessions, which once brought you fame. Why?

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    About Zhirinovskiy

    “Now there is a lot of talk about Zhirinovsky and his party in connection with the success of the Liberal Democratic Party in the elections to the State Duma. I do not see any particular prospects for the Liberal Democratic Party, although the situation is developing in its favor. Zhirinovsky will continue to attract attention with extravagant behavior and original ideas. He is undoubtedly talented and successful, but his fate is such that fortune at the last moment, when the main goal is close, turns away from him. "

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    Tofik Dadashev: “I am not a magician, I am just different …”

    Tofig Dadashev's psychological experiments were first spoken about in 1968, when he began to speak with their public demonstration. And already four years later, at the 1st World Congress on Psychotronics in Prague, the famous American scientist, author of the famous lie detector Cleve Baxter called Dadashev the strongest medium in the world, meaning his phenomenal ability to penetrate someone else's thought, to guess it accurately. Twenty years have passed since then. Dadashev long ago parted with the stage that limited the scope of his interests and opportunities, but he did not lose popularity and fame. The name of the parapsychologist Tofig Dadashev is increasingly appearing in the press in connection with the most original, sometimes emergency situations. He helps Garry Kasparov save a seemingly lost match to Anatoly Karpov, receives a government award for participating, at the request of the state security agencies, in an operation to neutralize a terrorist who seized the plane at the Baku airport, gives the Louvre a psychological portrait of La Gioconda that amazed all specialists with the power of insight ...

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  • 1992

    Soothsayer about himself and about others

    Divination is now in vogue. How reliable is it? Should I believe them at all? With these questions, our correspondent began a conversation with a well-known specialist in this field, head of the PSI-EKS Center for Parapsychological Assistance, Tofik Dadashev. - First of all, - said Dadashev, - I will inform you for general information that specific personal, event-related predictions, having become known to a wide range of people, lose all meaning and value. After all, the majority begins to take their own measures - either defense or offensive, and then the predetermined course of events changes. Therefore, when I decide to give advice, I ask “that my predictions be kept secret until they come true. And often you have to refuse help. Only because doing well to one person can harm another or many because of the connection of events. - How do you explain your foresight? What do you feel when prophesying something, advising, restoring health to a person?

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  • 1991

    Mona Lisa’s ideal is a solid husband

    The version of the "strongest medium" After many years of unspoken prohibition, we are finally able to offer the reader the full text of the psychological portrait of the beautiful Mona Lisa Gioconda. It was created by the parapsychologist-soothsayer Tofik Dadashev based on the painting by Leonardo da Vinci. This is a unique person. If only because the American Clif Baxter, a leading specialist in the field of psychoenergetics and forensics, the author of the famous "lie detector", after experiments with Dadashev called him "the strongest medium in the world." The official gratitude that KGB General Ivan Gorelovsky expressed to him through the press speaks volumes. In the recent past, the head of the State Security Committee of Azerbaijan, he, probably for the first time in the practical work of this organization, turned to a parapsychologist for help. And Tofiq, having actually predicted how events should develop, helped with his advice to successfully capture the criminal who hijacked the plane.

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    “PSI-EX Center”

    Several years ago, Nedela published the report “Tofik Dadashev searches and finds”. It described a visit to the editorial office of a famous psychic who demonstrated his abilities to picky and skeptical journalists and convinced them. After that, we followed the work of Tofig Dadashev; Om performed on stage with psychological studies, participated in the first world congress on psychoenergetics, where he brilliantly confirmed his capabilities, he helped the competent authorities to detain an air pirate who threatened to blow up a plane with passengers, created and published a psychological portrait of the famous Mona Lisa (La Gioconda). And now he has opened the “PSI-EKS Center” in Baku, where he treats people from various ailments using non-traditional methods.

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  • 1990

    Dadashev’s interview: How I helped Kasparov

    Openly about the hidden Before us is a document. A frank confession of the culprit for the birth of unforeseen circumstances and episodes that decisively influenced the course of the struggle between two chess titans in favor of one of them. Such a revelation cannot leave anyone indifferent. Acquaintance with the confession of Dadashev leads us beyond the ordinary concepts of the world around us, and there is a desire in one case to immediately check the existence of something else unknown, unexplored in the possibilities of the human psyche, in the other - to step without delay in search of truth beyond the horizon of the known. Naturally, the reader will have many such impulses. But after all, the facts themselves are enough for any treatment with them (analysis, comparison, clarification, deliberation) in Dadashev's message. It will be possible to understand everything completely.

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    T. Dadashev: “I helped Harry to become a champion”

    The version of the "strongest medium" Why is there a keen interest in people who are trying (each according to his abilities) to use in practice the unusual possibilities of the human psyche? Our conversation with the famous parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev began with this question. Why, you ask? The capabilities of the human psyche, as well as their nature, are still far from known to everyone. Although they appear here and there right before our eyes. And the phenomena are called differently: hypnosis, extrasensory perception, parapsychology ... But, existing separately, together they are used in practice primarily for a healing effect on a person.

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  • 1989

    All night and ten seconds

    We saw the criminal, accompanied by a dozen broad-shouldered guys in civilian clothes and a half-platoon of machine gunners in bulletproof vests, were taken from the airport. Medium height, brown rather than blond, with a small beard, in a fashionable nylon jacket. Only eyes ...

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    Everything was decided in a moment

    A subdivision of the KGB of the USSR, which took part in preventing the hijacking of the plane at the Baku Bina airport, returned to Moscow. Our short conversation at the plane's ladder in Vnukovo - with the head of the unit, an employee of the unit, an employee of the USSR State Security Committee, Colonel R. Ishmiyarov: - As you know, the operation to capture the criminal ended successfully and bloodlessly. Frankly, the feeling of danger that threatened the lives of more than eight dozen people is still leaving the heart. Imagine, contacts with the criminal on the plane showed us that he is manipulating some devices in his gym bag.

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    Around one phenomenon

    Nowadays there is great interest in people who are trying to use the unusual possibilities of the human psyche. The press often mentions the name of one of them - Tofig Dadashev. Recently, through the press, a KGB general warmly thanked him for his extraordinary help in a complex, psychologically delicate operation to neutralize an air pirate who threatened to blow up a plane with hostage passengers at the Bina airport in Baku. A little earlier, there was a sensation, especially among scientists: both here and abroad they published a psychological portrait of Gioconda, created by inspiration by Dadashev from the canvas of Leonardo da Vinci. And before that, he was invited to the first World Congress on Psychotronics in Prague. After demonstrating his abilities and explaining them, Dadashev, according to the US delegation led by the largest American scientist in the field of psychotronics and forensic science, Cleve Baxter, was recognized as the "leading parapsychologist in the world." At that time he was known here as an honored artist of the Azerbaijan SSR, performing in front of the public with a demonstration of rare manifestations of the human psyche - although he himself never considered himself an artist. He believed that he had no right - all the more, having received a higher legal education. There were simply no other opportunities to do such a thing. Its strong, beneficial effect on others was repeatedly noted, from their own experience, by Doctor of Philosophy G. Kunitsyn, Professor of the Department of Neuropathology at the Institute for Advanced Medical Studies L. Petelin, world chess champion G. Kasparov and hundreds of other people.

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  • 1988

    Impromptu Dadashev

    His unusual abilities, pushing apart our traditional ideas about the possibilities of the human psyche and intuition, created a "biography" of the legendary and mysterious Gioconda. In the foreign press he is often called the word "guru", which in translation from ancient Indian roughly means "spiritual mentor, teacher." But few of the large audience, ours or foreign, before which Dadashev successfully demonstrated the enormous capabilities of the human psyche, could know how such abilities of Tofig Hasanovich Dadashev manifest themselves in the most unexpected situations. Once an old acquaintance, engineer, art lover Stanislav Ivanovich Sergeev dropped in to his house on Preobrazhenka (this was in 1980). Brought a magazine with an excellent reproduction of "La Gioconda" by Leonardo da Vinci. Satisfied with this acquisition, he half-jokingly asked if Dadashev, with his characteristic insight, could tell something about the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa. And is she really looking at us through the haze of centuries? After all, there were a lot of assumptions ...

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  • 1987

    Little-known oddity

    Having visited at least once a meeting with the Honored Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR Tofik Dadashev, you will hardly forget the psychological experiments he conducted together with the audience. A clear demonstration of the enormous and far from being fully utilized human capabilities is impressive. There are enough publications about Dadashev. Journalists and scientists, doctors and criminologists wrote about him. But little is known about how his peculiar abilities manifest themselves outside the walls of the auditorium, in everyday life. Once an old acquaintance, Stanislav Ivanovich Sergeev, an engineer, a lover of painting, looked at his house. Showed a successful reproduction of the portrait of "La Gioconda" by Leonardo da Vinci in the magazine "Ogonyok". Half in jest, he asked if Dadashev, with his characteristic insight, could tell something about the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa (La Gioconda). Dadashev looked at the portrait. “This picture,” he said, “I saw when it was brought to Moscow, to the Museum of Fine Arts. Was there".

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    “I can change fate”

    Kasparov himself writes in his book, which has just been published and, moreover, only in the West, about the mysterious “Guru”, his “Talisman”, who brought him happiness in decisive game situations “,“ whose name ”he, however,“ cannot name ”. Is this person you? In 1984 I went to Moscow to watch the match. And I noticed: Kasparov urgently needs help, otherwise he will lose, not only as a chess player, but also break down as a person. I felt sorry for him because he gave me the impression of an abandoned, lost, hopeless and inexperienced person. And here you decided to intervene with your supposedly metaphysical forces for his good. No, not right away. I told Kasparov at our first meeting that now, with the score 0: 4, he may still have a little hope. But if the score were 0: 5 and there would be nothing more to hope for except my help, then I would support him. And in this case, under any circumstances, he would not have lost ... When Harry told me later: "I lost, the score is 0: 5, I am completely at your disposal," then I asked him for one special invitation that would allow me to sit in all his games, as far as possible ahead. And before each game, Kasparov called me, and I recommended tactics to him - namely, to play sharply or calmly-restraining ...

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  • 1974

    Psychic energy

    In June 1973, the International Conference on the Study of Psychotronic Problems, organized by the Committee of Applied Cybernetics of the Czechoslovak Society for Science and Technology, took place in Prague. More than 250 researchers from 26 countries of the world (USA, England, France, USSR, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, etc.) took part in it. In five days, about a hundred scientific messages were listened to, dozens of documentaries were watched, and many experiments were demonstrated. The result of the conference was the creation of the International Association for the Study of Psychotronics, which aims to coordinate and further develop scientific research in this area. Dr. Edenek Reidak (Czechoslovakia) was elected President of the Association, Dr. Stanley Krippner (USA) and Prof. G.A. Samoilov (USSR). Here is what our correspondent L. Vilenskaya was told about this new field of knowledge.

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  • 1973

    “You suit each other, but you, excuse me, do not …”

    In the morning we leave his house, and I had a rare opportunity to see Tofig Dadashev getting ready for his usual "training". So he called this occupation when he chose on the street a person who interested him in something, and tried to penetrate his thoughts. Before leaving, Tofig looked a lot in the mirror, examining himself again and again, although, in my opinion, his clothes looked almost festive, and his hair was impeccable. But Tofiq was again correcting something in her that was completely invisible to me. A handsome brunette was looking at us from the mirror, and this brunette wanted to do something with himself that was incomprehensible to me: it looks like he was preparing to go out not to the street, but to the stage. He already noticed me little, that is, he paid attention to me only when I myself reminded of myself: either I asked him something, or simply interfered with him in the cramped hallway, where a mirror hung. Only at the end did Tofiq fidget a little and said, probably wanting to explain the reason for such careful care of his appearance:

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    Tofik searches and finds

    Dear "Week"! I read "in the magazines" Technics - Youth "and -" Youth "articles about the Mosconcert artist Tofik Dadashev performing with psychological experiments. Please meet him. And how does he do everything that is written about him? I. Asannna, computer operator We invited him to the "Week", asked to show one of the experiments. The artist warned that he was not quite ready for the performance, that out of habit he usually acquires a truly "fighting" state before a concert; but the reporters are hard to argue. “Okay, - said Tofig, - just let a very emotional comrade become the inductor.” For some reason they chose me. I wrote on a piece of paper: “Go to NN, pat him on the head” and handed the piece to one of my colleagues for control. The rest did not know what was written there, they were supposed to be present passively, in other words, to keep quiet. Dadashev was tightly blindfolded "(and at concerts a black cap is also worn over the bandage.)" Your mental orders must be clear and purposeful, "he told me, stood beside him for a while," walked around the room, abruptly changing direction, stopping, returning. I strained myself with all my strength, stared at him with a staring gaze and repeated to myself: “Come and N.N. Here he is, opposite me. Come and pat it on the head! " Tofik quickly walked around all those present and went to N.N. (remember, blindfolded).

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  • 1968

    This is still waiting for a clue

    We walk with him along the brightly lit evening streets, and he does not stand out among passers-by. And if glances still linger on him, then only as on a handsome, well-built young southerner. Nobody knows him yet. And I already see the time when his name will be featured on concert posters. Recently, the reader has been repeatedly stunned by unnecessarily loud sensations about mysterious flying saucers, cute Bigfoot, clever dolphins, etc. The fact that the reports were often false or not confirmed by further research by scientists made readers wary. All the more understandable will be such caution in this case, since, despite the speeches of Wolf Messing, despite the numerous data that seem to indicate the existence of telepathy, this problem is very controversial. And yet, I begin the story with some clarity. - I write about what I heard from him and what I saw myself. His name is Dadashev Tofik Hasan-Aga-Ogly. Father is Azerbaijani, mother is Armenian. Was born in 1947 in Baku. Grew up without a father. In childhood, he was distinguished by shyness and extreme absent-mindedness. Often, without completing one case, he suddenly grabbed onto another. Besides. He was very impressionable and possessed a rich imagination, irrepressible imagination.

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