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Let me express my gratitude to you that you are interested in my site. I want to note: everything that has been written about me is confirmed by people and events. For example, in 1981. I put forward a version that the secret of Mona Lisa’s (La Gioconda’s) smile is connected with the fact that she is expecting a baby. And only a few years later, French and Canadian researchers announced that Leonardo da Vinci portrayed La Gioconda during her pregnancy.

I was also awarded the highest government award for consulting and participating in the operation of the special unit “Alpha” to neutralize a terrorist and free hostages during the hijacking of an aircraft. My activities cover various spheres of life: sports, culture, business, etc. I direct my energy, intuition and imagination to the result – luck and success, as well as to protection from negativity in life.

Usually journalists and those who are interested in such phenomena call me “parapsychologist”, “psychic”, “magician”, etc. I don’t like these definitions. You can contact me Other, Orphan or Strange. This is how I live, understand and feel.

I wish you joy and love. With respect and gratitude, Tofik Dadashev

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